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Create a bills database and get notified when it's time to pay bills
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Keeps track of your monthly recurring bills such as credit cards, loans, mortgage, rent, utilities, etc. and notifies you when it's time to pay them. Search for a specific bill by its name and create personalized notifications period to suit your needs.

Bill Reminder is a handy application that will remind you of all your pending bills. It allows you to register all your bills - be they periodical or not - and to program how you would like to be reminded of them. In addition, you can search for any of your bills very easily, and edit or remove them as well.

The program offers a pleasant and friendly user interface, though it does not include any help files or tutorials. It allows you to add a bill at a time on a separate window, where you can specify the bill's description, the number of times you would like to be reminded of it, and how many days before the bill is due you should get the first reminder.

In this section of the program there is also a bill scheduler, whose function is to allow you to tell the program if the new bill you are adding is periodical or singular. In the case of periodical bills, you can configure its periodicity on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. For example, you can create a bill that repeats every first Monday in April or every month on the 15th. In the case of singular bills, you just need to set the exact date it is due.

Once you have completed all those details and you have saved your bill, you can then edit it or simply view its details at any time. Furthermore, on the "Settings" section of the program you can specify the method you would like the program to use to notify you about your pending bills - either using a tray notification or a pop-up dialog - and whether to show each notification separately or not.

In conclusion, surely Bill Reminder will be a great help to you in case you usually forget about your pending bills, or simply because you do not like to be aware of the date all the time.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Pleasant and friendly user interface
  • Allows you to set bill's periodicity - weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • You can edit, delete or review your bills very easily at any time
  • You can configure the reminders' layout and frequency fully


  • Does not include any help files or tutorials
  • The bill scheduler might be hard to understand at first
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